The cardboard packaging plant "LUNAPAK" is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for the production of packaging and advertising printing, where more than a thousand tons of products are produced monthly. The production potential of the company allows us to produce a wide range of printing products: packaging made of cardboard and lined micro-corrugated cardboard, group and souvenir packaging, large-format advertising printing, materials for promoting products at the point of sale, cardboard stationery.
“LUNAPAK” is equipped with unique equipment, most of which has no analogues in Ukraine. Production is being modernized taking into account consumer demand and industry development trends. The production base of the plant includes modern software and equipment from leading world manufacturers, such as: KBA (Germany), Bobst (Switzerland), Technoform (Germany), Perfecta (Germany). The production buildings cover an area of 17,000 m². The plant is equipped with a modern climate control system (air conditioning, ventilation and heating). The production capacity allows processing about 3,000 tons of cardboard per month. The capacity of the cardboard warehouse is over 6,000 tons. There are three independent power supplies with automatic switching. The plant has its own access railway lines. A system of measures has been developed that are aimed at protecting the environment, production wastes are recycled, do not pollute and do not pose a threat to the environment.
Direct supplies of consumables from the world's leading manufacturers. All materials used in the production process have permission from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for use in food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
A closed production cycle and independence from contractors, which significantly affects the production time and product quality. The company "LUNAPAK" has high-precision equipment for the production of stamping forms and cliches. 
The integrated quality control management system at LLC "Trading Company LUNAPAK" is built in accordance with the requirements of such modern standards as BRC Global Standard of the British Retail Consortium for Food Safety and FSC®-С158972 Supply Chain Certification, which allow you to formalize, streamline your business processes and improve the methodology for their management while guaranteeing a high level of service and product quality.

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Stages of packaging production

1 Development of the packaging construct. Our constructors will develop for you functional individual constructions that will add value to your product.
2 Pre-press preparation The plant has a Pre-Press Preparation department with professional press engineers, technologists and prepress specialists.
3 Printing Printing is performed on the offset method using a system with densitometric and spectrophotometric measurement of color and ink supply control, as well as quality control during the printing process.
4 Post-printing processing Post-printing processes include spot UV varnish, foil stamping, lamination, embossing, die-cutting, window gluing and lamination
5 Folding and packaging Thanks to five folding gluing lines, it is possible to glue boxes of any shape and complexity, and high-quality packaging on pallets will protect your products from possible damage during transportation and storage.