Food Packaging

Recently, people prefer to stock up on food for several days in advance. The long shelf life of food is ensured not only by high quality, but also by special packaging that preserves the integrity of the contents and protects it from external influences.

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2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
4 Highly efficient packaging process
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Products manufactured in modern days are packed by manufacturers in special packages, the main purpose of which is:

  • protection of products from external factors during transportation;
  • extending the storage period of content;
  • marketing role.

In the presence of the original packaging, the buyer will turn his attention to the presented product. Information about the product (composition, expiration date, manufacturer, method of application) is applied to the box.

The company "Lunapack" has been providing a service for the production of high-quality and durable packaging for food products for a long time. Highly qualified specialists develop the design of boxes and other types of packaging products individually with each customer. On the site, you can choose a ready-made packaging option and order the required number of units.

Environmental friendliness is an important criterion when choosing packaging products. High quality materials are used in the production of the Lunapack company. In the manufacturing process, the requirements and standards (BRS, FSC) are observed. All packages made in our organization are distinguished by high quality characteristics, safety of use for food storage and stylish design. After placing an order, the manufactured products will be delivered in a short time to the address specified in the application.