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Telescopic packaging is very popular on the market. This is the name of the "lid-bottom" package, which consists of two unconnected parts: a lid and a bottom. This design guarantees the complete safety of goods in it during the sale period. Removing the cover allows direct access to the product. Printing on the surface of the lid-bottom package will help to turn ordinary packaging into a bright and original one.

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1 Food safety guarantee
2 Wide range of finishes and materials
3 Closed production cycle and modern technologies
4 Favorable terms of cooperation and uninterrupted supplies
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Boxes cover bottom from Lunapack

Boxes cover bottom from Lunapack

Boxes with cardboard bottom cover - the most popular, multifunctional and affordable type of packaging. Practical and eco-friendly design is used for transportation, storage of various goods. Bottom cover boxes are made to order for transport and logistics, industrial companies and small businesses. Packaging with a corporate logo and a special design is not only a reliable container, but also a brand advertisement.

Lunapack is one of the leading packaging manufacturers in Ukraine. If you need a custom-made box cover bottom, contact the professionals. We are the best in our business, so you can be sure that you will receive a quality product with an original design. Our company is engaged in the development and production of various types of constructs, including monoblocks and bag in boxes.

The manufacture of boxes lid bottom is one of the main activities of our company. We use:

  • only high-quality corrugated or packaging cardboard;
  • environmentally friendly materials for decoration and printing;
  • innovative technologies;
  • modern equipment.

We provide high quality finishes, reliable structural strength and good readability. Depending on the type of goods for which the box, lid, bottom, will be used, the thickness of the material is selected, which allows the container to provide the necessary rigidity.


Production of boxes lid bottom

Production of boxes lid bottom

Box cover bottom with a logo, like any other branded packaging, is a marketing tool that conveys all the information about the product. Original and catchy boxes, bottom cover, attract the attention of buyers, become the brand's trademark.

Depending on the wishes of the client, we produce bottom lid boxes in any design, from simple economical to expensive and presentable. The product can be made according to the client's ready-made layout, or according to an exclusive layout developed by our technologists and designers.

The company develops a layout for the production of boxes lid bottom only in case of placing an order for packaging with us. The cost of the project depends on the tasks that the customer sets for the designer.

You can decorate the boxes, cover the bottom, in various ways, apply offset printing and make relief images. For decoration use:

  • relief stamping;
  • lamination;
  • foil stamping;
  • gold stamping;
  • applying the logo with paints;
  • varnishing;
  • lamination.

Each type of decoration and printing has its own technical features and specifics, so the methods are chosen at the stage of project development.

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Order from us boxes lid-bottom

Before ordering packaging, decide what kind of box design you need, what dimensions it should have. After that:

  • Find an example of a layout that you like, or order a unique shape and design;
  • Decide on the circulation. You can order the production of boxes lid bottom wholesale. The larger the circulation, the lower the price of each unit will be.
  • Send an application by e-mail, through the feedback form or messengers. You can order by phone.

Managers will definitely contact you to clarify all questions, provide a miscalculation and determine the time frame. After all the points have been agreed upon, we will proceed with the execution of the order. If you urgently need wholesale bottom cover box, please contact us. We will fulfill the order quickly and efficiently, regardless of the size of the circulation. We will provide delivery throughout Ukraine.