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1 Unlimited color. High saturation and brightness
2 Perfect repeatability of images in one edition
3 High accuracy of image transfer even of thin, or small elements
4 Execution without stopping multimillion prints
Features of use

Features of use


This type of processing, such as lamination, is represented by gluing paper or thin cardboard to a denser base (micro-corrugated cardboard, three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard). An image must be applied to the processed cardboard or paper; if desired, the sheet can be coated with VD varnish or UV varnish. You can pre-laminate the material. This processing method, such as lamination, allows you to apply an image of any complexity to the surface of products.

Why is lamination considered one of the most popular types of processing? The advantages of gluing materials to a more compacted substrate are:

  • Consumer effect. Product appearance becomes more vivid and colorful.
  • Increased strength and reliability.

Do you want to get a product that is resistant to external influences and mechanical damage? Laminated packaging is the ideal solution. In addition to enhanced protective functions, you will get a beautiful, stylish and bright product.

In what areas is it better to use laminated cardboard? This option for processing printed products is appropriate for the design of cosmetics, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, fragile glass containers and other products. The laminating method is relevant when packing gifts and toys.

Having opted for the laminating method of materials processing, your products will always attract the attention of buyers.


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