Tights packaging

Packaging for tights is not only a reliable protection for a delicate product, but also a bright advertisement. Manufacturers of hosiery are trying to present their goods as original as possible, because modern women make high demands on the appearance and condition of packaging for tights.

To stand out from the competition and increase your brand awareness, entrust the production of tights packaging to professionals.

More details
1 Safety of your products
2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
4 Highly efficient packaging process
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Tights box

Tights box

TLunapack is a professional manufacturer of packaging for various non-food products, including detergent packaging and hosiery. You can order cardboard packaging for tights of any shape and design, with the application of the logo. We are the best in this business because:

  • for the manufacture of packaging for tights we use only high-quality materials, which ensures the strength of the product;
  • we provide high quality finishing and printing;
  • we use only environmentally friendly materials;
  • we create a design and form, taking into account all the wishes of the client;
  • we provide good information content of the box and good readability of information.

You can rest assured that you will receive an outwardly attractive and high-quality product. Customers who have already managed to be convinced of the professionalism of our company always turn to Lunapack for help.

Production of packaging for tights from Lunapack

Production of packaging for tights from Lunapack

The packaging should be bright, because it is through it that customers will be able to find your product on the shelves. We create an original and memorable packaging for tights from plain cardboard, which will distinguish your brand and become its business card.

The production of packaging for tights can be carried out according to the customer's ready-made layout, or according to the layout we are developing. We create layouts subject to placing an order for packaging with us. The development cost is calculated after receiving the design assignment from the customer.

Cardboard packaging for tights is produced in an offset method, which allows you to apply an image in various ways:

  • Nibbling and creasing are required.
  • To create relief images, relief embossing or foil is used.
  • In the manufacture of packaging for tights, products are laminated, applied with continuous or selective varnishing.

Each type of printing has its own specifics. The main thing is that the design is developed taking into account the technical features of the image application.

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Order packaging for tights from us

To order the production of packaging for tights with your corporate logo, you must:

  • decide on the size and weight of the content;
  • choose a design option that you like, or order the manufacture of a unique shape and unique design;
  • determine the circulation, the larger the order, the lower the price of each box;
  • leave a request through the feedback form, e-mail, in messengers, by phone.

After that, the operators will contact you to clarify all the nuances, provide miscalculations and name the terms. If everything suits you, we start cooperation. Regardless of the volume, the work will be done quickly and efficiently. You can order packaging with delivery throughout Ukraine.