Show boxes

Do you need advertising media for your products? The ideal solution would be to pay attention to packaging such as a show box. The form of packaging products can be different and depends on the type of goods placed in it. The main task of packaging is to showcase the content in the most beneficial way.

The company "Lunapack" offers its services for the production of advertising media. Experts competently develop a package design, thanks to which the products located inside are securely fixed, while access to it is open.

To attract the attention of consumers, this packaging option will be a smart decision. Products can be placed on a shop window, on a shelf next to the cashier. We, in turn, will develop a unique design and make sure that the products attract the attention of a large audience.


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2 Wide range of finishes and materials
3 Closed production cycle and modern technologies
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Show boxes from Lunapack

Show boxes from Lunapack


Show boxes are an unusual type of cardboard packaging that is used for transportation, is an organizer for displaying products. To turn the shipping package into a show box, it is enough to remove the top corner along the perforation lines. After that, the organizer can be placed in the area near the cash register, on the shelves or in the shop window.

Bright cardboard show boxes are an excellent marketing tool. They allow you to correctly arrange products, to distinguish them from the general mass, and attract the attention of buyers.

When choosing a manufacturing company to order cardboard show boxes, you need to pay attention to criteria such as price and quality. Some companies do not sell wholesale, due to this, the price of a box will be higher for them.

If you need quality at an affordable price, please contact us. Our company is engaged in the development and production of various types of constructs, such as packaging of the structure of a pack and a box of running in box. We sell wholesale, make large editions of show boxes quickly and guarantee high quality products. Specialists will design the form and design of the branded packaging with the logo.

In the production of show boxes, we use:

  • high-quality embossed and packaging cardboard;
  • environmentally friendly and safe materials for printing;
  • modern equipment;
  • various techniques for applying logos, designs and information.

Show box production is one of the main activities of our company. Turning to Lunapack, you will receive durable, beautiful packaging with good information content.


Exclusive show boxes made of cardboard with logo

Exclusive show boxes made of cardboard with logo

Since the cardboard show box serves as a demonstration function of the product in retail outlets, it should look bright and original. Our company creates memorable show boxes with a logo out of plain cardboard, which will become the hallmark of your brand and a way to promote your product on the market.

We produce packaging according to the customer's ready-made layout and create exclusive custom layouts. Development of a project is only possible if an order for packaging is placed with us. The cost of the layout is calculated only after receiving the wishes of the design from the customer.

Showbox production requires the use of various techniques for applying images and information. In addition to the main ones - nibbling and creasing, the following are performed:

  • relief stamping;
  • foil stamping;
  • varnishing;
  • lamination.

Professionals will perform any type of printing with quality Each method of applying an image has its own specifics, therefore the design is developed taking into account technical features.

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Production of show boxes

To order branded cardboard show boxes with a logo from Lunapack, you need:

  • decide on the type of product that will be located in the demo box, its dimensions and weight;
  • choose a design layout from ready-made options or order a unique shape and design;
  • decide how many products you need (the larger the circulation, the lower the price of each copy);
  • contact managers by phone or send an application via e-mail, feedback form, instant messengers.

We will definitely contact you to clarify all questions, provide a miscalculation and determine the deadline for the work. We provide our customers with delivery throughout Ukraine.