Offset printing

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1 Unlimited color. High saturation and brightness
2 Perfect repeatability of images in one edition
3 High accuracy of image transfer even of thin, or small elements
4 Execution without stopping multimillion prints
Features of use

Features of use

Offset printing is a traditional method of producing various types of printed products. A special roller system is used to transfer the image to the surface of the material (cardboard, paper).
At the first stage, a printing plate is made, which is then placed in a special offset press designed to transfer ink to individual elements of the manufactured plate.

The second stage is the transfer of paint to a special cylinder, after which the finished image is applied to the paper used.

To create images on packages and other surfaces, different models of offset machines are used:

  • monochromatic;
  • two-color;
  • four-color.

Among the above machines, four-color models are considered the most popular. These units are designed to create a full-color image in one run. If it is necessary to supplement the printing with varnish, a model with five sections can be used.

Lunapack's craftsmen use modern certified offset printing machines. Images are applied to the surface of cardboard, paper or other material in a run, while the quality of the image is impeccable.

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