Packaging for pills

In the manufacture of packaging for tablets, we use exclusively high-quality material, if necessary, we use foil and cardboard (embossed, smooth). The price of products depends on the type of material used, and the total cost depends on the volume of manufactured products (circulation is negotiated when placing an order).

More details
1 Safety of your products
2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
4 Highly efficient packaging process
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Lunapack Tablet Packaging

Lunapack Tablet Packaging

Medicines are a special category of goods, and certain requirements must be adhered to in the manufacture of packaging for them. Packaging for tablets should have a stylish design, while its characteristics should be acceptable for storing certain components that make up medicines. Packaging for tablets must be sealed and resistant to external influences.

As for the design of packaging for tablets, it all depends on the preferences and wishes of the manufacturer. In our company, you can order products made in different color variations, the shape of the item can also be different.

We sell wholesale, we carry out the order quickly and efficiently. We discuss the design with the customer, if necessary, we put an image on the packaging. Here you can order packaging of original design and unusual shape. Also, our company is engaged in the production of absolutely any cardboard packaging, such as food packaging and cardboard boxes to order.

The box with the logo is the image of the company

The box with the logo is the image of the company

Medicine cartons should be more than just practical. These products must have a unique design. We put a logo on the cardboard box we make for medicines, thanks to which your products will be remembered by customers and the demand for medicines will be many times higher.

Lunapack medicine cartons are:

  • unique product design;
  • tightness of elements;
  • practicality of use.

You can order a cardboard package for medicines with instructions for using the medicine, with a picture or other additional elements. We deliver products throughout Ukraine.

Exclusive box shape with your logo

If you are interested in manufacturing packaging for medicines, we recommend that you contact the services of our company. We will make products with the logo of your company, we will take into account all wishes regarding the shape, size and design.

We use only high quality materials in the manufacture of packaging for medicines. We work with modern equipment.

Let's make your logo memorable

Packaging for medicines from our company will be unique. We use modern printing technology in the manufacture of packaging for medicines.

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Order medicine packaging from us

Ordering the printing of boxes for medicines in our company is the right decision. You will need:

  • Clarify product information.
  • Consider the catalog of our company and choose the appropriate layout option.
  • Designate the circulation.
  • Send a request via messenger, e-mail or by phone.

After we receive the data from you, we will provide the total cost of the work and indicate the production time.