Production of packaging and cardboard boxes

For a presentable appearance of various goods, their convenient transportation and further storage, the owner of the enterprise needs to take care of high-quality packaging of their products. It is the packaging, its external performance and design that attract potential consumers to make a choice in favor of this or that product, so it should interest him at first sight.

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1 Safety of your products
2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
4 Highly efficient packaging process
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Lunapack cartons

Lunapack cartons

Today there are many different types of packaging and each manufacturing company tries to make it unique and inimitable. But still, for many years, cardboard packaging has been very popular - an environmentally friendly, completely safe and durable material.

For the realization of all your creative ideas and the production of cardboard packaging according to your requirements and preferences, you can turn to Lunapack for help. The Ukrainian manufacturer of cardboard packaging is one of the recognized market leaders in the CIS countries and acts as a reliable partner of many large-scale industries and brands with a worldwide reputation.

High-quality cardboard packaging from a leading manufacturer has excellent performance characteristics and is suitable for reliably packing a wide variety of categories of goods - food products, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, household appliances and detergents, pharmaceuticals and many others.

In addition, the production of cardboard packaging has other obvious advantages:

  • complete environmental safety of the material from which the packaging is made;
  • high level of strength for comfortable transportation of goods of different types;
  • simplicity and reliability of use;
  • the possibility of applying a corporate logo of the company, as well as the development of an individual design and its printing on the surface of the package;
  • affordable price for high quality products.
Types of cardboard packaging

Types of cardboard packaging

The manufacturer of cardboard packaging Lunapack offers customers a wide range of products, among which each client can choose what suits him best.

Among all types of custom-made cardboard packaging, the most popular are the following options:

  • boxes made to order according to individual parameters and the wishes of the customer;
  • special packaging for food products;
  • boxes for equipment of various sizes and shapes;
  • packaging for confectionery products with a certain coating;
  • boxes for packing goods for children;
  • cardboard boxes with a transparent window for garments and accessories;
  • sturdy shoe boxes;
  • packaging for jewelry;
  • boxes for cosmetic products and household chemicals;
  • show boxes;
  • festive and gift wrapping.

All cardboard packaging presented on the site is made of ordinary or corrugated cardboard and is presented in a wide range of options.

Production of cardboard packaging to order

The production of a cardboard box, regardless of its type and purpose, is a complex process consisting of several stages - from the moment the manufacturer receives an order to the production of finished products:

  • choose the best packaging option for a specific product, as well as find an example of its design;
  • decide on the circulation in which it will be necessary to make products;
  • leave a request for the goods you need in a way convenient for you;
  • discuss all important details with the manager of the company, who will provide a miscalculation of the order and determine the timing for its production;
  • start cooperation with an experienced manufacturer and get a product that will exceed all expectations.


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To order the production of cardboard boxes in bulk or retail, choosing the best option individually for you, contact Lunapack for help. A wide range of products for every taste and budget is presented on the website of the manufacturer of cardboard packaging. In addition, there is the possibility of making cardboard boxes that are unique in their shape and design, which will distinguish your product from all others on the market.

You can place an order with delivery throughout Ukraine in any way convenient for you - using the appropriate form on the website, a letter to the company's e-mail, messages to instant messengers or a call to the contact phone number ... The company's managers will answer all your questions, advise in detail and help you make the really right choice that will meet all your requirements.