Stamp with embossed

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1 Unlimited color. High saturation and brightness
2 Perfect repeatability of images in one edition
3 High accuracy of image transfer even of thin, or small elements
4 Execution without stopping multimillion prints
Features of use

Features of use


In order for the printed products to have a more representative appearance, the specialists of the Lunapack company use such a type of processing as embossing. This method of processing printed products is represented by three main options:

  • Foil stamping. This embossing method involves pulling the foil between the printed product and the cliche. Further, with the help of pressure and elevated temperature, the metallized spraying is transferred from the foil to the processed material.
  • Congreve. This processing method is designed to form a convex image on the surface of a printed product.
  • Micro-embossing (flat embossing). This processing option is used to apply a micro-pattern to products using foil.


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