Cigarette Packaging - Making Cardboard Packaging for Cigarettes

The plant "LUNAPAK" is a cigarette packaging specialist with many years of experience, which offers all the graphics and technologies available at the plant. We use offset, hybrid and gravure printing, we have modern prepress technologies and all relevant finishing methods.

The highest quality requirements are decisive factors when choosing a cigarette packaging supplier. 

More details
1 Safety of your products
2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
4 Highly efficient packaging process
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Packages for cigarettes from the Lunapack company

Packages for cigarettes from the Lunapack company

Manufacturing of cigarette packs is one of the main activities of our company. For a long time, we have been providing our customers with the opportunity to pack tobacco products into unique and original products.

The manufacture of cigarette packs is carried out in our own production. We work with cardboard (embossed, smooth), use foil and other materials. For the manufacture of cigarette packs we use modern technology of a new generation.

The cost of manufacturing cigarette packs depends on the type of material used, size, shape and decoration additions. You can order items with an image, a unique design, with inscriptions, etc. We sell wholesale, make products quickly and efficiently. The ability to manufacture a unique shape of packs will allow you to make your product the most in demand. We also provide the opportunity to create a unique design for those who seek to promote their products as quickly as possible and reach a new level.

To order the service of manufacturing cigarette packs, you need to contact our managers by phone or on the website through a special form.

Manufacturing of cigarette packs at Lunapack

Manufacturing of cigarette packs at Lunapack

The carton packaging for cigarettes in our company is of high quality. We can order products with delivery across Ukraine. Cardboard packaging for cigarettes from our organization is a unique design, impeccable quality and practicality. We offer our customers different models of elements, you can order products of any color, with a different way of opening and with other features.

We manufacture cardboard packages for cigarettes legally. Before the release of cardboard packaging for cigarettes, we agree with the customer on the design, circulation and terms of work.

Production of packaging for cigarettes

Ordering packaging for cigarettes in company Lunapack will be the right decision for those who want to receive a product with a unique design. Using plain cardboard, we create original and stylish elements that attract the attention of buyers and help to quickly promote the product.

You can order packaging for cigarettes in our organization at a convenient time for you. We will fulfill the order as soon as possible. Also, our company is engaged in the production of packaging for non-food products and manufactures various types of packaging for cosmetics.

Cigarette packs from Lunapack

Manufacturing of packs for cigarettes in our company is:

  • high quality guarantee;
  • adequate prices;
  • individual approach to each client.
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Order cigarette packs from us

To apply for the manufacture of packs for cigarettes with your logo, you must:

  • determine the size, shape and weight of the packed goods;
  • consider ready-made layouts presented in our catalog;
  • specify the circulation;
  • leave a request by phone, email or messenger.

After receiving the TK from you, we will indicate the total cost, after which we will be able to proceed with the execution of the order. You can also order any other packaging for goods from us.