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Are you looking for rotogravure packaging? In our company you can order products of this type in any quantity. Today rotogravure printing is used in the design of various types of goods (food and non-food). We use special modern technology to apply images, inscriptions and other elements to packaging. The rotogravure-printed packages manufactured in our organization are resistant to external influences, due to which the service life of the products is significantly increased.

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1 Unlimited color. High saturation and brightness
2 Perfect repeatability of images in one edition
3 High accuracy of image transfer even of thin, or small elements
4 Execution without stopping multimillion prints
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Features of use

Features of use

Rotogravure printing is carried out by transferring liquid, alcohol-soluble paint and varnish from cells engraved on a metal shaft to the surface of the cardboard. This technology, also often referred to as gravure printing, is used to print on food and non-food packaging, as well as labels, wallpaper and decals. This technology finds applications in a variety of areas, including the printing of securities and documents of strict accountability, the industrial and tobacco segments.

The engraving of a mirror image on the surface of a cylindrical brass shaft is performed in advance using a special machine - an engraver controlled by a high-precision computer. The surface of the brass print roller is then nickel-plated by an electroplating process to protect the print surface from corrosion and wear.

A separate roller with its own printing station, ink preparation and transfer system is responsible for applying dots of each color to the cardboard. The transfer of paint from the engraved cells to the material occurs without pressing and dot gain, only through surface tension and adhesion of paint or varnish.

At LUNAPAK, this technology is implemented by means of a MOOG printing machine and is used for post-printing image processing by applying metallized inks, structured varnish and soft-touch varnish.

Rotogravure printing from Lunapack

Rotogravure printing from Lunapack

Rotogravure printing (gravure printing) is applied to cardboard, the design and circulation of our products are negotiated individually with each customer. We sell wholesale, we work quickly and efficiently. We offer:

  • manufacturing of products of original shapes;
  • production of packages with a unique design;
  • adequate prices for the service.

Rotogravure printing from Lunapack

Rotogravure printing is very popular in Ukraine. This variant of material processing is used to create unique packages for the further sale of various types of products. Our company has been engaged in rotogravure printing in Ukraine for many years, and therefore we can offer our customers a lot of options for decorating boxes and other products.

Rotogravure printing in Ukraine from the Lunapack company is a quality guarantee. Our craftsmen are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. In addition, we can offer our customers unique design solutions for creating original packaging, hybrid printing and UV varnishing services.

Are you interested in rotogravure printing in Ukraine? Contact our company and we will perform the work at the highest possible level. We deliver manufactured products to any region of Ukraine.

Gravure rotogravure printing

Deep rotogravure printing in our company is carried out taking into account the wishes and preferences of the client. We will make unique boxes with an interesting design, apply a logo and other necessary elements. We carry out deep rotogravure printing on ordinary cardboard, while the packaging looks unusual, stylish and original.

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Are you interested in gravure printing on packaging? To complete the application you will need:

  • Designate the type of product.
  • Specify circulation.
  • Apply by phone, website or messenger.

After receiving the information, we will indicate the prices and production times.

You can provide us with your custom design and we will do the job according to your preferences.