Development of packaging design


The development of cardboard box designs and cut is one of the most important steps in packaging design.

This complex process, first of all, includes the study of the product and all its characteristics.


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1 Unlimited color. High saturation and brightness
2 Perfect repeatability of images in one edition
3 High accuracy of image transfer even of thin, or small elements
4 Execution without stopping multimillion prints
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An important part of developing a packaging design is the choice of a specific material from which it will be manufacturing. After all, the packaging material affects not only its physical dimensions, but also its strength, suitability for gluing, ease of use, service life and the ability not to lose shape during transportation.

When developing the design and cut of packaging, we carefully consider all possible options for the most efficient use of material and reduction of waste, which directly affects the final cost of products.

We are confident that any packaging should not only provide reliable protection for the goods but also help to increase the level of sales among our clients.

Development of packaging layout

The rapid development of a particular brand's products depends on a properly designed packaging layout. After all, first of all, the eyes of the buyer are concentrated on the original box in which this or that product is placed. Packaging layout development is the main activity of our company. Our experts are highly qualified craftsmen with special education, who will help you make your product popular and in demand. We use high-quality materials (foil, cardboard and others) to develop the packaging layout, you can order absolutely any edition.

We sell wholesale, we work efficiently and quickly. We provide our customers:

  • the opportunity to purchase packages of a unique shape;
  • the possibility of placing an order for the manufacture of boxes of a unique design.

Development of a packaging layout at Lunapack is a smart solution for those who want to promote their brand as quickly as possible. Development of the packaging layout is carried out taking into account the wishes of the customer and the available budget. The price depends on the material, circulation, and the number of items.

Development of packaging design from Lunapack

Development of packaging design from Lunapack


Development of packaging design is a responsible process that affects the further development of the brand and the products offered. The important stages in the development of packaging design are:

  • transfer of a previously thought-up design to a finished box;
  • cutting the product and applying the necessary text, images and other elements to it;
  • production of the required batch of packages.

If you are interested in the development of packaging design, please contact our organization for help. We will carry out the development of packaging design quickly and provide you with unique and original products for agreement.

We will deliver the required batch of packages to any region of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro and other cities).

Exclusive packaging mockup with your logo

Development of packaging in our company is carried out in accordance with the individual wishes of each client. To promote your brand, we will put your company logo on the boxes, having previously offered you many options for product design. When developing packaging, we take into account the specifics of the product and apply new production methods.


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Order from us the development of a packaging layout


If you need to develop a box design, please contact our organization. How to make an order:

  • indicate the type of product;
  • find a suitable layout design in the catalog of our company;
  • indicate the circulation;
  • submit a request via messenger, phone or email.

You can also provide us with your design layout, and we will make packaging according to your requests.