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Do you need to pack liquid, bulk or pasty products? The ideal solution would be to pay attention to such type of packaging as "Bag in box". This type of packaging is also suitable for storing household chemicals and industrial products. Running in box will be an excellent solution for packaging tea, coffee, dry mixes for baby food.

The production of “Bag in box” packages is a guarantee of reliability and safety. In the manufacturing process, specialists use proven and high-quality materials that do not emit dangerous and adversely affecting the human body substances.

The described packaging is suitable for packing a wide variety of products. Packaging designs may vary depending on the products you plan to sell. The company "Lunapack" provides an opportunity to choose from both ready-made options, and develops individual projects specifically for your product.

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1 Food safety guarantee
2 Wide range of finishes and materials
3 Closed production cycle and modern technologies
4 Favorable terms of cooperation and uninterrupted supplies
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Lunapack bag in box

Lunapack bag in box

A bag in box is a modern type of packaging that is widely used for the transportation and storage of various food products. In fact, a bag in box is a cardboard box with a thick plastic bag inside.

Bag-in-box packaging is reliable. Even if the box is damaged, the tight bag will protect the contents from moisture, dust, and foreign odors. This type of packaging is often used to store juices, wines, and other drinks.

A cardboard box bag in box with a logo is an advertisement carrier. In addition to product information, it can be printed with various labels and images to make it attractive to customers.

The Lunapack company is one of the few who produces bag in box in Ukraine. In the process of making bags in box boxes, we use:

  • all possible options for film bags made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials;
  • corrugated or dense packaging cardboard;
  • safe and high quality materials for application of design and information;
  • advanced technology and modern equipment.

Many manufacturers order bag in box packaging from us, as it allows you to extend the shelf life of products, is more environmentally friendly than many other types of packaging.

Depending on what will be packaged in boxes, you can order a construct of a unique shape and design, or choose a ready-made version, for example, a show box or a bottom cover. We sell wholesale, we do the work quickly and efficiently.


Exclusive packaging bag in box

Exclusive packaging bag in box

Bag in box packaging is not only a convenient and reliable container that allows you to transport products and protect them from external influences, but also a powerful marketing tool. Due to the printing and corrugated images on the bag in box cardboard box, it becomes more attractive to the potential buyer.

We will make original and memorable boxes for you from plain cardboard, which will stand out favorably on store shelves. To decorate bag in box packaging we use:

  • offset printing;
  • die cutting and creasing;
  • lamination;
  • relief stamping;
  • foil and gold stamping;
  • full or partial varnishing;
  • applying the logo with paints;
  • lamination.

Professional technologists and designers will perform any kind of decoration with high quality. But each type of printing has its own specifics and technological features of application, therefore, the method of decoration is chosen at the stage of creating a layout.

When making a bulk order in Lunapack, you can provide a ready-made layout or order the development of a project to our designers. We develop the layout only if we place an order for packaging. The cost of project development is calculated after receiving the technical design assignment from the customer.

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Order bag in box packaging from us


To order bag in box packaging with the company logo, you must:

  • determine the size and weight of the goods to be packaged;
  • choose the design you like or order a unique box shape;
  • decide on the circulation, the larger the order, the cheaper each unit will cost;
  • send an application by e-mail via feedback form, messengers or call by phone.

We will contact you to clarify all the nuances, provide miscalculations and set deadlines. We will fulfill the order quickly and qualitatively regardless of the size of circulation. We will provide delivery across all Ukraine.