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Beautiful and high-quality cardboard packaging with a corporate logo for goods is considered a sign of a reliable brand with a good image. Lunapack is a leader in the production of boxes with a logo and provides many Ukrainian brands with high-quality packaging. The company is not only engaged in the manufacture of boxes with a logo, but also develops their design, which will 100% satisfy the customer.

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Lunapack logo box

Lunapack logo box

It is worth ordering the production of boxes with the logo from Lunapack to promote the brand, because the company has the following advantages:

  • wholesale implementation;
  • the possibility of making a unique shape;
  • the ability to create a unique design.

Lunapack produces only the highest quality products, the boxes with the logo are manufactured using the best and latest equipment, and only professionals work on the creation of packages.

The box with the logo is the image of the company

For most brands, quality logo boxes are a must because they perform the following functions:

  • bright and unique design attracts the attention of the buyer;
  • give positive emotions;
  • carry information about the product and the manufacturer;
  • additional brand promotion, since high-quality boxes with a logo are often not thrown away, but reused and stored at home.

Lunapack is a company that is the best in Ukraine for making cardboard boxes with a logo. For production, offset printing is used, due to which the packaging is colorful, and the image is of high quality. With the help of a box with a logo, you can make even the most inconspicuous product.

Exclusive box shape with your logo

Exclusive box shape with your logo

The most modern equipment of the Lunapack company makes it possible to make packaging of an unusual shape from the cardboard that is familiar to everyone. It is possible to order boxes with a logo of any shape according to the client's taste: heart, circle, star, triangle, chest and much more.

By ordering boxes with a logo, you can successfully distinguish your product from others, thereby increasing sales. To do this, it is enough to choose a unique shape, colorful design, add a corporate logo. If in doubt, what kind of packaging should be, the professionals who work at Lunapack will always help you choose the appropriate design. You can also order the production of cardboard stationery from us.

Let's make your logo memorable

An obligatory element of a cardboard box of any brand is a logo. It should be central to the packaging and immediately catch the eye. The company will help you not only to choose the most successful logo location, but also to create a brand logo design, if it is not yet available.

Lunapack ensures that the custom logo box designed by our professional designers is the key to the brand's success. Specialists work hard to make the logo unique, memorable and attractive to buyers.

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Stages of creating a box with a logo

Stages of creating a box with a logo

To order branded boxes with your logo, you need:

  • Decide what is packed. Size, weight.
  • Find an example of a packaging design you like.
  • Determine the circulation. The larger the circulation, the less will be the cost of one box.
  • Send us a request using the feedback form, e-mail, in messengers, call by phone.
  • We will probably ask you clarifying questions.
  • We will provide you with a calculation and we will name the production time.
  • If everything suits you, we start cooperation.

Packaging layout design options:

The finished layout is provided by the customer or we prepare the layout according to the customer's materials:

  • we develop a layout only if we place an order for packaging;
  • we call the cost of developing a layout after receiving the design specification from the customer.

Each type of printing has its own specifics. It is important that the design is developed with technical considerations in mind. Experienced and professional designers are engaged in the development of the appearance of the box, who take into account all the wishes of the client, and also make the design attractive and modern.

Order a box with a logo from us

After placing the order, the client promptly receives his goods. The company always meets the customer halfway and delivers cardboard packaging not only across Ukraine, but also to other countries. Delivery is possible in the following ways, depending on the destination and circulation:

  • air transportation;
  • by car;
  • by rail.

You can even get high-quality cardboard boxes to another continent, because sea container shipping is available. Delivery is always prompt and carried out without delay. Lunapack does its best to ensure that the customer is satisfied and receives the goods on time, as well as safe and sound.