POS Materials

One of the directions of the plant "LUNAPAK" is the production of high-quality printed products for promoting goods and conducting advertising campaigns.

It has been found that about 80% of consumers make their choice of goods intuitively, under the influence of emotions. This explains the popularity of POS designs at points of sale. Our experience and unique technological capabilities are aimed at the production of high-quality products from cardboard and lined micro and corrugated cardboard using all kinds of finishing materials and fasteners made of plastic and metal.

We produce large-format displays, show boxes, figured showcards, mobiles, life-size figures, trays, dummies, flow-stands of all kinds of shapes and designs, as well as other products for decorating points of sale. 

The plant "LUNAPAK" produces cardboard POS materials, which are distinguished by high quality offset printing, consumables from well-known manufacturers, original design solutions and a low price relative to POS made from other materials. 

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1 Safety of your products
2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
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POS materials from Lunapack

In order for a business in its various fields to be successful and prosperous, its owner needs to constantly promote his company. For effective advertising, various marketing strategies and promotion methods are used, which each one selects for himself individually. But there are also methods that are used almost everywhere. These include the so-called pos materials (from the English "Point of Sales" - point of sale) - various types of advertising products that are met by visitors to stores and other points of sale.

Such advertising products are placed specifically to attract the attention of buyers and stimulate sales, such products should be as attractive, bright and eye-catching as possible. High-quality pos printing is carried out by Lunapack, which is one of the leaders of the domestic market and a reliable partner of many large-scale industries and brands.

Ros materials are an effective marketing tool and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. A feature of such products is the immediate attraction of attention, since they fall into the field of view of a potential buyer in a matter of seconds. Therefore, they must be performed in such a way that in these seconds the client has time to become interested in the offered product or service.

The advantages possessed by pos-materials include the following distinctive features:

  • one of the strongest tools for increasing sales;
  • ease of transportation;
  • ease of installation and convenience of further use;
  • the ability to implement any ideas and creative imagination.

Types of POS materials

Today there are a lot of types of advertising products. Each of them has its own area of ​​use, certain characteristics and external performance, as well as ways of influencing sales growth.

So, depending on the wishes of the customer, the production of pos materials of the following main varieties can be performed:

  • materials for outdoor decoration (pillars, shields);
  • entrance lobby (advertising posters on the store door, signs and light panels);
  • for placement in the sales area (posters, price tag holders, brochures);
  • located in places where goods are displayed (racks, advertising stands, banners);
  • for registration of the checkout area.

All Lunapack products are made from environmentally friendly, safe and reliable materials - cardboard and corrugated cardboard. This type of material is impact and wear resistant, while being lightweight. It is convenient to transport and easy to use, which is also an indisputable advantage of cardboard products.



Production of POS materials to order

Production of pos materials is carried out step by step, with strict control of compliance with quality standards on each of them. After you decide to order pos advertising materials to promote your business, the following stages of cooperation and production will be completed:

  • selection of a suitable product and an example of its design;
  • filling out an application for the purchase of advertising materials in a convenient way for you (using a feedback form, an e-mail, a message in instant messengers or a call to a contact phone number);
  • clarification of all important details during a consultation with a manager;
  • agreement on the amount of the order and the timing of its production;
  • successful cooperation and receipt of finished products by the customer.

Order POS materials from us

You can find various types of posters advertising materials you need and purchase at a favorable price directly from a large-scale manufacturer of cardboard packaging - the Lunapack company. A large factory carries out not only the manufacture of pos materials, but also other products, such as packaging for goods, packaging for cosmetics and the manufacture of cardboard stationery. All products are made exclusively from high quality cardboard. In addition, at the request of the customer, we can print a corporate logo, develop a unique design, apply all kinds of images, and so on.

You can choose the product you need and purchase it wholesale or retail online without leaving your home, which makes the purchase as convenient and prompt as possible. Regardless of the scale of the circulation of products, you can place an order with delivery to Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine.

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