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Lunapack coffee packaging

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Many people cannot imagine a morning without a cup of this aromatic drink, which invigorates and cheers up. On the market you can find a huge range of these products. Therefore, manufacturers have the question of how to ensure the preservation of the quality of the product and distinguish their product from competitors?

The solution is simple - a branded cardboard box for coffee with a logo. A cardboard box for coffee is a product protection during transportation and storage, as well as a powerful marketing tool.

More details
1 Safety of your products
2 Wide choice of packing finishing
3 Pre-glued boxes (optional)
4 Highly efficient packaging process
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Coffee box

Coffee box

Every customer is looking for quality first of all, so it is important to preserve the properties of coffee, its taste and aroma. To do this, it is enough to order a cardboard box for coffee in Ukraine from the Lunapack company. Eco-friendly, reliable packaging will protect the product from light, air, moisture, and will not allow the fragrance to fade.

Our company is one of the leaders in the production of packaging in the Ukrainian market. We produce products with a logo according to standard layouts and to order, with a unique shape and design. Such boxes for coffee attract the attention of buyers, inform about the contents of the package. In production we use:

  • high-quality cardboard of various types: corrugated, plain, packaging, design;
  • environmentally friendly materials for decoration and printing;
  • different ways of applying images and information.

If you need a cardboard box for Ukraine coffee, ask the professionals for help. We sell wholesale. Regardless of the volume, we carry out orders quickly and efficiently, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Lunapack manufactures a wide range of food packaging such as tea packaging and baby food packaging.

Exclusive logo coffee box

Exclusive logo coffee box

Cardboard boxes for coffee in Ukraine in the Lunapack company are always corrugated cardboard or cardboard of excellent quality. But the design of the package can be very different. Our experts will recommend the best design for you to make your cardboard coffee boxes with a logo look bright and original.

Unusual, memorable coffee boxes will increase brand awareness, help promote your product on the market, and stand out from competitors.

We are ready to implement any of your projects or develop a unique layout to order. Development of the layout is possible only if an order is placed for the production of boxes for coffee in our company. The cost of developing a layout depends on the complexity of the design and is announced after the approval of the assignment.

To create exclusive cardboard boxes, specialists use the following methods of applying images:

  • die cutting;
  • creasing;
  • relief stamping;
  • foil stamping;
  • varnishing;
  • lamination.

It is important that in the process of developing a design, the technical features and specifics of applying the selected type of printing are taken into account.

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Order a box with a logo from us

If you need a cardboard box for Ukraine coffee, we will make it quickly and efficiently. To place an order, you need;

  • determine the weight of the goods;
  • choose your favorite design among ready-made options or order an exclusive layout;
  • determine the number of units, the larger the circulation, the lower the price for each cardboard box for coffee with a logo;
  • send an application by e-mail, through the feedback form, in messengers or contact managers by phone.

We will definitely call you back to clarify all the details, provide a calculation and guide you in time. We offer convenient delivery across Ukraine.