To suppliers

Dear Suppliers, thank you for your interest in our company and your desire to cooperate with us. When choosing a Supplier, the Company is guided by the following principles and requirements:

  • Competitiveness. The competitive basis in the selection of Suppliers is based on the latter's provision of competitive prices based on a commercial proposal.
  • Quality. The quality of the goods must comply with the requirements of the current legislation, Ukrainian and European standards. 
  • Health, safety and environmental protection. 
  • Supplier reputation. The company works only with Suppliers who have an established reputation in the market and do not have problems with government agencies and claims of inspection bodies, which can lead to the impossibility of fulfilling the agreements reached.
  • Efficiency. Achieving the optimal end result
  • Confidentiality. Ensuring closed access to information regarding contractual and other obligations by both parties.
  • Stability. Supplier's logistics must ensure uninterrupted supply of goods to our facility.

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