The LunaPak cardboard packing factory specializes in the manufacture of color cardboard packing for various industries such as food processing and confectionery industry, perfume and cosmetic industry, household chemicals industry and industry of alcoholic products.
· Food-processing and confectionery industry (packing for candies, biscuits, wafers, snacks, child nutrition, bulk and frozen foods, paste goods, ice-cream in the kilogram packs, cakes, sweets, tea, etc.);
· Perfume and cosmetic industry (packing for all types of perfumes and beauty care products);
· Household chemicals (packing for powders, soap, gift sets, etc.);
· Industry of alcoholic products (gift and souvenir sets, packing for fine spirits, multiple-unit packaging, etc.)
In addition, the factory manufactures packing for the pharmaceutical, textile industry, packing for children’s toys and industrial commodities.
The LunaPak Factory’s business priorities are the new technologies, high quality and unprecedented expedition in execution of orders:
— six-color printing in the 1120mm × 1620mm format on paper and cardboard of up to 1.2mm thick with two varnishing sections, and IR and UV drying;
— all types of stamping including with three types of foil simultaneously, 3D-embossing (hot stamping);
— precision cutting in the 1115mm × 1600mm format;
— digital color proofing with 99% matching to the image during printing;
— preparation of printing plates without the film output – computer — to — plate;
— gluing-in of windows of any shape and size;
— making of punch shear dies and relief blocks for stamping with the use of in-house equipment;
— backing of micro-flute board;
— folding and bonding the boxes in single line;
— captive manufacture with making of high-quality relief blocks for stamping and punch dies;
— design-engineering department, of which specialists will develop original and competitive packing according to your order;
— the best value for money and individual approach to each customer.
All of this will allow manufacturing of perfect packing for your product in the shortest time possible.
Packing manufacture stages:
Development of new design for product packing, refinement of existing design provided by the customer or selection of optimum packing design from the design database created by the factory’s design-engineering department specialists. For testing the developed design, plotter is used for making the cardboard models. This special-purpose equipment enables the customer to obtain promptly the trial batch of packing (20 — 30 items) for the design review in addition to the model.
· Arrangement of pre-printing treatment, output of color proof, making of printing plates. For making the printing plates, the device is used, which eliminates the printing film making process. This process is performed in the automatic mode at the high speed, which provides obtaining of highest-quality printing plate.
· High-quality offset printing at the sheet-fed type printing presses CVA Rapida 162-6 — L+L (format 1120×1620mm, 6 printing sections, 2 varnishing sections, IR and UV drying system in line) and CVA Rapida 105-6 — L (format 720×1050mm, six printing sections, single varnishing section, IR drying system). Full, selective or combined varnishing with ultraviolet or water-dispersible varnish is available.
· Post-printing process: hot stamping or blind embossing, foil stamping including with holographic foil, backing, cutting, gluing-in of windows, bonding of output product elements.
· Packaging of finished products in order to ensure preservation of quality during transportation.
· Product delivery to the customer – final stage of the LunaPak factory operations.
Our specialists will assist you in selection of the best methods of process solution for making the packing: cardboard selection, manufacturing technologies, cost reduction methods.
Our production flexibility is due to the availability of two equipment lines of medium and large format, which have a positive impact on the cost of opposite runs – 10,000 and 1,000,000 printed sheets.
In order to ensure high quality of products at every production stage, manufacturing process quality is controlled with the use of state-of-the-art measurement and control equipment.