Promotional print and POS materials.

One of the LunaPak Factory’s activities is production of high-quality printed products product promotion and running advertising campaigns.
POS materials. It is found that about 80% of users choose the products intuitively in the emotion of the moment. This gives rise to popularity of the use of POS — point of sale structures. Our experience and manufacturing capabilities are focused on production of high-quality products of cardboard and backed micro-flute board.
We manufacture large-sized displays, show-boxes, LAMA, shaped show-cards, mobiles, shelf wobblers, shelf talkers, floor stands of various design and other products for the point-of-sale arrangement.
The LunaPak Factory manufactures cardboard POS-materials featuring high offset printing quality, consumable materials from well-known manufacturers, original design solutions and low price as compared with POS-materials made of other materials.
Advertising on billboards, placards, posters, playbills, calendars is the necessary component of successful advertising campaign. The LunaPak Factory offers services in manufacture of broadside advertising products by the offset printing method. This method has a number of substantial advantages as compared with other methods of such products manufacture: printing quality, order lead-time, as well as products price subject to large run printing.