Sheet printing

Offset printing of posters of 6m × 3m in size has an advantage over silk-screen process. First, this is reflected in printing quality, and second, in order execution expedition, which is important factor in case of large runs. Our equipment allows printing of posters with the same high quality as that of the common promotional brochures. Therefore, even finest details of design will be clearly perceptible from a great distance. Notwithstanding the fact that billboard consists of 12 separate impositions, availability of comprehensive densimetric control allows obtaining of exact match of color hues at the joints.
The selective varnishing with protective varnish is performed during billboard printing, which significantly simplifies paper gluing on panels. The price includes also digital color proofing, which allows the Customer to control the color spectrum of entire run.
Offset printing advantages:
Printing quality (lines frequency up to 200lpi).
Result predictability. Digital color proofing demonstrates the actual colors, which then would be realized in the run.
Expedition. Where necessary, any size run order lead-time makes 36 hours (in the case of urgent order, price is increased by 15%).
Color spectrum. Color hue spectrum rendered by the offset method of billboard printing is higher by rank than that of the silk-screen printing method.

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